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Anarkitty, UK

More About This Artist...

Anarkitty: Emma Geary aka a 32 year Artist hailing from a small village just outside Belfast. I Graduated from The University of Ulster with a Ba Hons degree in Art and Design.

The name Anarkitty was born during the six years I lived in London, whilst there I was creating mostly digital based character illustrations with my work appearing in publications such as Creative Review, Computer Arts and DPI (Taiwan) magazine. I also created works for the likes of MTV, BBC and Pictoplasma. Returning to Northern Ireland I started to move my characters onto canvas. In 2008 The Frameworks Gallery Belfast gave me my first solo exhibition and it took off from there.

Other influences and inspirations come from Pinup girls, manga, tattoo, graffiti and toy cultures.

A prevalent theme running through my pieces stems from my fascination with Cats! Inspired by their idiosyncratic ways, my 'Ladies' have the same arcane attitude encased in a provocative and curious beauty. I want them to be comfortable within their own bodies; know their own mind; to have no feeling of restraint from surrounding judgements. Like cats, they have their own complete and individual personality with which they have a total sense of ease. Within my approach and technique there is an inadvertent sort of dualism. My paintings possess a child like sweetness but with dark undertones. I use outlines that are strong and controlled whereas my blending technique is soft and light. My choice of colour, can changes from bright and colourful to dark and moody. I currently use acrylic and graphite on wood which I am really enjoying at that at moment. I strive to avoid becoming too entrenched in my comfort zone as therein lies predictability.. I need to keep evolving and although experimentation will bring me frustration and anxiety, it brings its own elation when successful.

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View our Frames...

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View our Art...

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